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Dream, explore, create and craft
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 Digital content Production


Design great visuals expierience and all sorts of 3D digital content from start to finish 

About me:

Lukas Mirek

3D Technical Artist

Working as a 3D artist since 2010, I finished Drimagine Academy in 2011. Gaining new skills and improve my workflow is a prominent goal of mine. I was working for various companies producing apps that base on visual experiences. Reconstruct the whole cities, underwater terrains, hydro plants, cars, wrecks, buildings using data delivered by geologist, archeologist, army, divers or real estate agencies those are the things I was dealing with over the last years.

Who I am


I'm the 3D Artist since 2010. In the meantime, I graduated from DRIMAGINE Animation & VFX Academy in Poland. I name my self as a 3D technical artist since last years my work was more technical than creative. But I never forget to develop my artistic skills since I'm sure that this is the most important thing in this department. If you design or optimize the creation process you have to be able to create! On the other hand, my biggest passion is an automotive CGI, anything related to that like cars modeling, lighting the scenes, creating beautiful physically base materials and shaders that build a strong realism and bring those images to another level is making me feel that I do what I love!


During my carrier path, I was work close to the data scientist, algorithm designers, backend dev, divers, geologist, app&game developers, and many talented 3D artists. Each of those people teaches me a lot and shows how I could use my skills to help them. Now one of my main tasks is to design pipelines that can be easily used in the scalable projects through the remote teams. I'm still working as a freelancer that can do any creative process and crafting art as this is my biggest passion!





I can do any Hard Surface Modeling under subdivision or optimize for games by following the requirements. Any Asset I produce is always delivered with perfect UV Mapping and can have hi and a low poly version with Texture Baking. Anytime I deal with organic shapes I take advantage of Sculpting. I can do Hand-painted & Procedural Textures using Substance, or Z for tileable Textures creation. Photogrammetry is something I was working a lot to create 3D Assets or PBR Texture sets. I was working on ArchViz rendering Thousand of images through Render Farm on AWS using Deadline software. Setup the Lighting, Shaders&Materials in Realtime and the offline environment is something I deal over the years. I can do any Rendering task as well as Realtime Animations, walkthrough or simple app.

Scalable Production


I always trying to find the best approach for the project. If that's the production we need some extra time to standardize the process and finalize the first output.
After we both agree on the quality I start to design the simple guides of the process and outsource as much as possible to speed up an asset production.
Whenever the task is repeatable I recommend going with this approach. 

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